When cash flow is key, why wait any longer than needed to receive your credit card payments?

Keep your stream of revenue flowing by receiving your card payments the very next business day. Even on Mondays. Whether you’re located on the west coast, open late or need extra time to close your daily batch, you’ll be happy to have until 11:00 PM Eastern. And just because we offer one of the latest cut-off times in the industry, doesn’t mean you’ll receive your funds late the next day. Next Day Funding delivers funds into your account the next morning with an ACH deposit, not a memo post, so you have immediate access to your money. You can count on it.

Get your money faster with Next Day Funding.

Inside Next Day Funding

Freedom Processing has one of the latest cut-off times in the industry, 11:00 PM Eastern, which is ideal for businesses that are open late or located on the west coast.

While other processors may make you wait until Tuesday, you’ll receive your weekend card payments on Monday morning with Next Day Funding. You’ll also receive an actual ACH deposit, not a memo post, so funds are truly available when you need them.

Avoid the headache of switching banks and keep your money where it is. Freedom Processing’s Next Day Funding doesn’t require you to hold your business account at a particular financial institution like most processors do.

If your current merchant statement seems vague, you could be missing out on how much you’re actually paying. We believe that vague = misleading. That’s why we keep our statements simple and clear. We don’t believe in hidden fees or pricing tricks, and our merchant statement proves it.