American Express OptBlue® Program.

Accepting American Express is now easier than ever. You’ll get competitive rates, plus we don’t add extra surcharges, which keeps your rates low.

The OptBlue program allows you to accept American Express like you do any other card. With OptBlue, you get one customer service contact, one statement and one deposit for all card brands. That means businesses can streamline their workflow and spend less time on back-office paperwork.

OptBlue makes American Express easy to accept.

OptBlue makes accepting American Express Cards a breeze

Get one processing relationship, fast initial setup and one phone number to call should you have questions or issues. Prior to OptBlue, businesses would have a separate contact for their American Express questions.

You’ll receive your American Express Card funds just as quickly as you receive all other card funds.

OptBlue makes reconciling a breeze. You’ll get one easy-to-read statement from Freedom Processing for all card networks.

You can let your customers know that you welcome American Express Cards by requesting complimentary store signage and business supplies such as window decals, check presenters, new downloadable digital logos, and more. Order directly from American Express.