Our shooting sports industry commitment.

With years of experience in the payments industry and e-commerce web developing in the shooting sports industry, Freedom Processing is your 2nd Amendment partner. For the Shooting Sports industry, and other industries that are considered “high risk” by the banking regulations known as “Operation Chokepoint,” Freedom Processing can guide you through the regulatory waters to safely and reliably process merchant banking transactions to keep you in business.

Freedom Processing is a proud member of the NRA Business Alliance. Merchant processing is a big part of the shooting sports industry, and we offer business members of the NRA merchant processing with very competitive rates. It makes a big difference. For business members of the NRA credit card processing is their lifeline… without it they can’t do business. Freedom Processing stands behind NRA shooting sports retailers making sure they never have to suffer through an Operation Chokepoint credit card processing shutdown.

Our President and CEO, award-winning filmmaker Christopher Swainhart, produced this documentary in 2016. After hearing from frustrated shooting sports merchants for years, he founded Freedom Processing so you never have to experience what these folks did. Take a few minutes to watch and see for yourself what problems are found in the shooting sports industry and you will understand better why Freedom Processing was founded.